Who am I?

My name is Ken Eash (Kenneth, if you ask my dad). I am from, and currently living in, south GA. 31 years old. I have a fantastic wife, with whom I will soon celebrate our 10th anniversary. I am self-employed, and work in various forms of construction, i.e. trim carpentry, remodeling, bathroom upgrades, porches, and decks, to name a few. We own 19 acres in southern KY, where we plan to move and start a small farm in summer 2019.

Why the blog?

It is not intended as merely a blog, but also an area where I can promote my work, stir my creativity (I knows its down there somewhere) and post articles and links that motivate and inspire me.

What kind of content can you expect?

Articles/posts/pictures related to construction, homesteading, outdoors, camper life, farm animals, philosophy, travels, and just plain ole every day life. I am claiming no expertise, nor offering professional advice on any particular topic, I merely intend to share my learning experiences, and hope you can learn along with me.

How often will I add content?

I intend to post new written content on Monday morning of every week, though I will sporadically add links to articles and websites I find value in.

Thank you for giving me a small piece of your brain space.

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