Spring is here!

How cliche is it to write about the first day of spring FINALLY arriving? Pretty darn, I say.

Living in southeast GA, spring seems to arrive weeks ahead of much of the rest the east coast. The few redbuds (shouldn’t they be called purple buds?) have long come and gone. The wisteria has made itself know with its purple budded vines.

The azaleas are in full bloom as well, waiting on the (soon to be here) blast of summer heat and humidity, when they’ll quickly die off.

Sadly I missed the peak of one of my favorite trees, dogwoods. Hopefully I can catch a few good ones and update later.

This weekend I’m in Harrisonburg, VA for wedding of my youngest sister-in-law. It’s almost like traveling back in time, as far as seasons are concerned. Their redbuds are only just now blooming, the red maples are starting to come out. But still no sign of leaves on the deciduous trees.

Will update next week from our farm in KY.

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