My Old Kentucky Home

About 2 years ago, my wife and I had had enough of the south GA summer heat. So we decided to pack and look for land in the mid-south, hoping to find something in eastern TN. After several unsuccessful trips, covering many miles, looking for land, I happened to find online, a piece of land in southern KY.

It looked like like it could be exactly what we were looking for. The size was right, 34 acres. It had most of the features we were looking for, open land, a fresh water spring, a cave, a creek running across part of the property, and some river frontage. What more could we ask for?!? But….it was KY…

So, one more 9 hour drive to see one more property. As we drove the last 20 or so miles to the property, we grew more excited. The surrounding area was rolling hills, creeks bubbling through the valleys, and waterfalls from the recent rain. As we drew even nearer, our hopes were fading, the winding, twisting, climbing road, seemed to be leading to the same type of inaccessible land that was every other property we had contemplated.

But finally, in the last mile, the hills dwindled, and the land opened up to a nice little piece of flat land in the bend of the river. Next stop,


We were instantly in love. So we made our best offer. The counter offer was a good bit more than we were willing to pay, so we politely declined. Sadly we went about our business, but a short time later, they called back and accepted our initial offer.

So where are we now? Off-grid and living in a camper. Filtering our water from the river. And using a composting toilet. Loving every minute of it.

Pictures from this past weekend


It’s a journey. Good times, and hard. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Currently we are back in GA temporarily, working. My wife and I both had short term job opportunities back home, so our off-grid homestead is on hold. That doesn’t keep us from making weekend trips back to KY, and it sure doesn’t keep us from dreaming.

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