Dr. Dwight Lundell: “I was part of the biggest drug deal in history.”

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We’re being bombarded daily with lies, not just from the mainstream news media, but also from the medical community. A former heart surgeon is now on a personal crusade to expose the lies peddled to the American people regarding heart disease, including pharmaceutical television ads and misinformation given to us by our doctors.

In his career as a heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell performed over 5,000 open heart surgeries. Contrary to the popular narrative, his experience and research shows heart disease is not caused by cholesterol and products claiming to fight cholesterol are not sold for our benefit, but to make more money for pharmaceutical companies. He tells his story below.

“I was part of the biggest drug deal in history.

This drug deal has brought in almost $1 trillion in the past 30 years.

This drug deal has users, victims, pushers, mules and cartels, it causes great harm to the public.

There are bribes, kickbacks and payoffs.

This drug deal is growing with new and more dangerous drugs being developed and sold to an unsuspecting public.

This drug cartel is so powerful it has penetrated the best universities in the world and their most influential professors. They control university research, government advisory panels that recommend that people use the drugs.

Maybe the Mexican and Colombian cartels could learn from this United States cartel.

Who are the cartel leaders and what are the drugs?

The leaders are Pfizer, Merck and AstraZeneca. The drugs are cholesterol-lowering drugs. Sadly, you don’t even get high from taking them. You get no benefit and you’re likely to have side effects such as muscle pain, fatigue, mental decline, and liver damage.

You have a one in 50 chance of getting new onset diabetes from these drugs.

Some town suddenly had 1 in 50 of its population getting diabetes and the evidence showed that the only difference between that town and neighboring town was a water supply. How quickly would the water supply be changed? How many lawsuits for damages would be filed? Think Flint Michigan.

Yet the national cholesterol education program, a division of the United States National Institutes of Health recommends that 78 million Americans take the drug, including kids, a cartels dream.

In spite of the fact that there is no real reduction in heart attacks or prolongation of life as a result of taking drugs. The TV ads tell us that there is a 38% reduction in heart attacks. Your doctor will insist you take the drug if your cholesterol is elevated over what the panels insist is “normal.”

The 38% reduction in the advertisements for Lipitor is a 38% reduction in relative risk. Relative risk has been described as statistical Alchemy, I say it is just another way to lie. The real reduction in heart attacks is none.

New drugs have just been released, which lower cholesterol even more. They are given by injection and cost $14,000 per year. Soon official panels will recommend them for large numbers of people, a cartels dream.

I am proud to say I have never taken or prescribed a statin drug. But I was part of the drug deal because for most of my surgical career I kept my mouth shut so I would still get referrals from the cardiologists who believed the cartel story.

In truth, most of the doctors are really victims because they believe the falsehoods that have been told them by the trusted university and prestigious government panels, they are only trying to do what’s best for the patient, following the guidelines.

Finally, I could not let the lie continue.

I closed my surgical practice and opened a clinic to prove that heart disease risk could be reduced without medications.

After I proved that heart disease could be cured by nutrition and lifestyle instead of medications, I began to make a lot of noise. I wrote a book called the Cure for Heart Disease. I developed an online course, I published articles which became viral on the Internet. I was on Fox News as a heart disease expert three times.

The cartels, the hospitals and mainstream medicine did not like me at all. Some four years after retirement, when I was no longer using my medical license, the Arizona medical board revoked it, hoping to discredit me and shut me up.

Well, even though I didn’t need a license because I was not using it, it did hurt me. A blemish on an otherwise unblemished 25 year career in mainstream medicine. But is it a blemish or is it a badge of honor because I will not be silenced.

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!

Statin drugs will not prolong your life or prevent heart disease.

Statins will only give you dangerous side effects.”

I appreciate Dr. Lundell’s bold stand against the medical community and pharmaceutical industry. I find his claims believable, not only because of his extensive medical experience and research, but also because of his willingness to endure many attacks on his own credibility.

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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